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Bandicam latest version free 

If you want to record a particular area on a pc screen or want to full screen capture and real-time video capture Bandicam is help you to do that.

Bandicam is a free app that allow you to record certain spot on a computer screen. Any program that uses the DirectX/OpenGL graphic technologies Bandicam can work on it. 

Key features of Bandicam

  • Bandicam can record DirectX/OpenGL programs like the Fraps (Fraps Alternative, Better than Fraps

  • The recorded file size is much smaller than other software (Bandicam compresses the video when recording)

  • You can upload the recorded file to YouTube without converting (720p/1080p full HD video can be made)

  • You can record over 24 hours without stopping (Auto Complete Recording function can be used)

  • You can record video at resolutions up to 2560*1600 in high quality

  • You will experience much less lag than with other capture programs (It uses much lower CPU/GPU/HDD)


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